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  • a database with documents relevant to the sustainable socio-economic development of the delta.
  • the training packages for provincial staff and farmers used during the project


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Training packages.

With the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO),  training packages are developed in order to support the government of Vietnam to train provincial, and district level civil servants as well as delta farmers in the key messages of the Mekong Delta Plan and Resolution 120. The training packages enable participants to develop integrated development plans and sustainable farming practices which fit in the strategic objectives of the Mekong Delta Plan and Resolution 120.

The training packages offer selected materials for trainers at provincial, district, commune and farmers level for four recognized zones in the Mekong Delta: the upper delta, the middle delta, the estuary zone, and the peninsula zone. Next to the training materials, workshop schemes are provided in order to support provincial, district and commune level trainers in preparing and implementing training sessions.

All materials are free of use and trainers are invited to select within the material fitting the purpose. The training packages offer an example for a 2 day training workshop. Nevertheless it is possible to organize a training for 1 day only. Depending on the awareness levels of the participants on the issues and challenges related to climate change, it is advised to focus the workshop process and outcomes on developing ideas for sustainable development actions for the Mekong Delta.